Dr Kieran Forster

Dr Kieran Forster is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He has training in general medicine and in the speciality of psychiatry. See www.drkieranforster.com.au for more details.

His practice is focused on :

  • ADULT ADD / ADHD and
  • self-actualisation / self-improvement
  • goal attainment despite ADD , anxiety, wrong paths and mistakes
  • psychotherapy seeking greater self-understanding
  • recovering from the trauma of toxic workplaces
  • gaining emotional self-mastery
  • discovering of your innate but forgotten creativity
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders / Aspergers
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • 2nd opinions re diagnosis / treatment

Dr Forster’s clinical philosophy is founded on a humanistic approach to each patient, meaning all aspects of your selfhood are considered in his attempt to understand you. This involves a true “holistic” viewpoint  .

Dr Forster provides treatment to those who are willing to show active engagement in their treatment, and collaborate creatively in finding solutions. The ultimate goal is growth and self-actualisation, which means clarity of direction and a movement toward realising your life goals. A relationship of mutual trust and reliability is the foundation of this journey, involving all modalities, from diet, exercise, psychotherapy, medication, mindfulness, meditation and other modes of treatment. Talking and listening is the very core of the treatment offered.

Due to high demand for Dr Forster’s services, and his commitment to ongoing engagement with his selected patients, not all referrals can be accepted. All those seeking an initial assessment with a view to being treated by Dr Forster need a referral from their General Practitioner providing a detailed history and perceived problems for which help is sought.